Friday, December 6, 2013

The poorly furnished basement was re-arranged last night, shifting the computer and guitars to the left, keyboard and shelves to the right.  Old vaccuum tube tv and massive stand were ditched then substituted with a inadequately used shelf and the living room, slimmer-profile tv.  All that shufflin' opened up a space for a funky futon.
Will was helpful with the pickup, steering the dolly to the car, and after unloading, weighting down the dolly on the return trip back into the store.
We wanted to make a place that was more comfortable for the kids to lounge about, moving the gaming systems down as well.  It appears to have been successful:  Will taking in bubble guppies, Jared absorbed into the computer, Ari preoccupied by her phone. 

The most fun, though, was had with the packaging!

We initially were using it for trash, but that was soon replaced with a Will. 

Getting in and out was a challange, so a door was added.  A bit dark -- definitely in need of a window.

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