Friday, December 6, 2013


Back in elementary school, one of the teachers dressed up as Krampus, every year, and would visit each of the classrooms, beating the children with a broom -- it was tremendous fun

After all the kids were sufficiently terrorized, I believe an "angel" or something would follow with a treat for all the good kids.  I didn't care I never got one, I just liked tusslin' with Krampus!



It's Me - Jen E! said...

OK - that's a horrible story.

DF.LoyE said...

It was the hightlite of the school year! And she played it up to perfection!

Rachel Endicott said...

I remember it as Ruprecht. And it never bothered me--I guess they thought I was a good kid. I remember it going after the bad kids though.

DF.LoyE said...

All the tales are so intermingled it's hard to remember the name we used. It was weird to see this pictorial and have those vague, strange memories resurface.